Jesus says: Peace be with you, be strong(Dan.10:19)

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done(Pro.19:17)

Jesus said: love your enemies and pray for those who persecue you.

Jesus says: look I am coming soon! My reward is with me, I will give to everyone according to what he has done(Rev.2212)

Jesus says: I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

Jesus says: I will not forget you(Isa.49:15)


The Real Founder & President of PEACE OF JESUS MINISTRY is the Almighty GOD Jesus Himself. So all Glory be to God Jesus Christ.

History of Peace of Jesus Ministry

About A.S.V.Robin:

He was born in Vallam, a Village at Tenkasi Taluk , Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu on 9th December 1963.His Father M.Adaickala Muthuraj was a Teacher in a Higher Secondary School. He was from a Christian family. Mother Rosalind Thayammal, born in a small village, was from a Hindu Family. Her whole family worshipped sudalai maadan samy. By God’s grace she was married to a Christian (M.Adaickala Muthuraj).

He was going to Church but was not loving Jesus Christ ,deeply. A.S.V.Robin started his education in Vallam, ilanji and Sengottai.He completed M.Com and ICWAI(Inter) . He completed his ICWAI (Inter) in Thoothukudi (Tamilnadu) V.O.C.College (Institute of Engineering Technology) in 1983. On may 5th 1984 he came to Coimbatore and joined as a Junior Auditor under a Chartered Accountant.During this period he completed his M.Com Course through a correspondence course.

He stayed in his Aunty’s (chithi ) house. From there he walked 16 kilometres per day to his Auditor office up and down. After 2 years he purchased a bicycle. He paid Rs 750 for the bicycle on installment basis for 15 months. He was paid a stipend of RS.150 for the first year. He did a part time business(Wet grinders). During these days, a good & kind person supplied him. so without any investment ,he could do this business.

About Porchelvi Robin:

By God’s grace on Aug 26.1988, he married Porchelvi. Her parents were from Tirunelveli. But her Father & Mother were settled in Bombay and stayed there for many years. She was educated there and finished her B.Sc., degree in Mumbai and was married to A.S.V.Robin and came to Coimbatore.

After marriage A.S.V. Robin started a washing machine business in addition. But he did not want to pray and Glorify The Trinity God. So all his efforts were in vain . Only then he started to seek God Jesus. He started to read Bible and also started praying with his wife to the Heavenly God. Wife was always praying . But when both started to pray ,God Jesus filled him with His Holy Spirit. A.S.V.Robin’s heart was filled with full joy and peace. He started to go to Church on Sundays.

About Rajlynt Robin:

On March 22nd 1991, their beloved son Rajlynt was born. In 1992 his wife accepted Jesus’s calling for His Ministry and started doing God’s Ministry. God Jesus accepted this ministry, and blessed this ministry.

On March 22, 1991 before she delivered Rajlynt, Porchelvi Robin was in great trouble. That time she had heart problem. The delivery was very critical . Doctors said we can only save one life. We can’t save both the lives .She heard there words and she cried to God Jesus, ‘Father, save me and my child. If you save both of us, I will do your Ministry to your heart’s content’. God listened to her prayer. Her heart was weak, so she couldn’t bear the labour pain. So Doctor checked the pulse rate. It was very low, lady doctor did. scicerrien immediately. Rajlynt was born safely. She was also saved by God Almightly. Glory to God Jesus!


In 1992 one afternoon at 2 “O” clock, in Coimbatore, Jesus came into the room where Porchelvi Robin was taking rest, after a long prayer. Jesus called her for His ministry and reminded her the promise, she gave to him in the Maternity Hospital at the time of delivery of son Rajlynt. She accepted God’s calling for His Ministry and started doing the Gods Ministry. God Jesus annointed her with His Holy Spirit. He gave gifts of Holy Spirit also. Glory to God Jesus for His kindness and grace he showered on Porchelvi Robin. Porchelvi Robin started to do God’s Ministry by spreading gospel by giving Holy Bible, Christian Cassettes and Song Books to people where she could meet. She gave testimony in Churches and gave messages.

At this time A.S.V.Robin wished to go to Chennai to do a construction business on partnership basis, with 11 partners. He did not like to do God’s Ministry but he wanted to earn lot of money in Chennai. But God Jesus gave him a dream and He warned him. Jesus told “You stay in Coimbatore. Do a business here itself and do my Ministry. If you go to Chennai, and do business you will meet heavy loss and you have to face many problems and insult”.

In Chennai A.S.V.Robin had to meet many problems and loss in the construction business, because he disobeyed God. Now he started to repent for his disobedience. He prayed day and night at Jesus’s feet with tears. God anointed him with His Holy Spirit and gave him the gifts of Holy Spirit. Already he was suffering due to acute Ulcer in his stomach. 18 Years he suffered with pain. No doctors could cure him. On 1997 July 18th evening, he was alone in his office. The stomach pain became acute. He was reading Bible at that time, sitting in a chair in front of the table. He read only two Bible Verses, and with his head on the table and he lost his conscious. At that time he heard a Voice ‘Praise God’ twice. He became conscious. He told twice “Praise God Jesus” and turned back to see who spoke these words. He saw the Vision of the Almighty God Jesus. His glory was 1000 times more than the glistening Sun. He was in pure white dress. He could see only till the neck of Jesus Christ. He could not see Jesus’s face. His face was very bright, so he could not see His face. He closed his eyes. A healing power from Jesus suddenly touched A.S.V.Robin and healed his stomach pain. Jesus cured his 18 Years Ulcer. All glory be to the Trinity God.

He submitted himself totally to God Jesus and started doing a carecell Ministry. Then he gave a God’s message in Chennai. Then God brought him to Coimbatore to do His Ministry. But God had not given any specific name for the ministry. God Jesus spoke to A.S.V.Robin and gave the name “PEACE OF JESUS MINISTRY” on 21st May 2001. A.S.V.Robin did the construction business in Coimbatore. God blessed the business.


In 1998 when A.S.V.Robin was doing construction business in Chennai, God Jesus commanded Porchelvi Robin to do the Ministry among the tribal people (Gonds) of Maharashtra, who had settled in Coimbatore. They lived in tents made of clothes. Rajlynt was 7 years old at this time. He with his mother Porchelvi Robin, went to gond’s tents and did God’s Ministry. They collected used old clothes from neighbours and gave them to the poor gonds people. These people were in need of money, clothes and also food. So Porchelvi Robin cooked idlies, vadais, boiled eggs and took them to these tribal people and gave them. Rajlynt Robin and Porchelvi Robin consoled these people and prayed for their well being and preached the gospel. In this period A.S.V.Robin’s family was in debts and they were in great trouble in Coimbatore. Porchelvi Robin collected some money(Rs.5, Rs.10) from the Christian friends in the Housing unit. where they stayed, and helped the Gond’s people. They took Rice, Wheat flour, Pickles, Biscuits to these people.

Gonds people were illiterate. They knew Hindi language. Porchelvi Robin spoke to them in Hindi and prayed for them in Hindi. They were saved. They went to church. They sent their children to schools. Now their children are educated. 14 Years have passed since this Ministry among these tribal people started. After arrival of A.S.V.Robin from Chennai (1999), they are doing this Ministry together. Now by Grace of Jesus Rajlynt completed ( and now he is studying MBA through Correspondence Course.


No bar of caste, religion and language, Poor people, destitute, orphans, old age people, handicapped people, people on platforms get many help from this Trust. A.S.V.Robin, Rajlynt Robin, Porchelvi Robin are preaching gospel to these people and Helping them . They give food, clothes, money, Educational Help, Medical Help. These people get timely help and many lives are saved because of the financial help, given by God Jesus through A.S.V.Robin, Rajlynt Robin and Porchelvi Robin.


Almighty God Jesus gave the Magazine Ministry on July 2002. The Magazine’s name is Yesuvin Samadhanam (Peace of Jesus). Lakhs of people in India and all throughout the world are blessed through this magazine. Broken hearts are comforted by the Trinity God and also their sins are revealed to them through this Magazine. People are understanding the immense love of God Jesus through the God’s messages written in this magazine. By the boundless grace of the Almighty God Jesus, they are preaching the gospel in many countries throughout the world. Many are delivered from bondages of satan, witch crafts and sins through their messages. God Jesus is doing great Miracles through them.

OUR MERCIFUL GOD HAS GIVEN THEM 17 TYPES OF MINISTRY. 1. Ministry among destitutes, physically handicapped, old age people. 2. Gospel preaching in India and abroad. 3. Ministry among poor people. 4. Ministry among tribal people. 5. Hospital Ministry. 6. Television Ministry. 7. Fasting prayer Ministry. 8. Ministry through phone and Internet. 9. Ministry on Hill. 10. Magazine Ministry. 11. Books Ministry . 12. Tracts Ministry. 13. Ministry through letters. 14. Songs Ministry through Audio & Video. 15. Ministry among mentally retarded . 16. Missionary Ministry. 17. Ministry among Srilankan Refugees. 18. Gospel Ministry through advertisements (Wall posters and flex banner)